Bay Maples is a Bay Area landscaping company whose objective with each project is to build the most unique and innovative landscape possible using the most environmentally appropriate methods.  Our approach results in a cohesive design that blends all garden elements harmoniously.  Our gardens work with nature and its human inhabitants to create a relaxing garden experience reminiscent of California’s natural beauty.  Additionally, our approach is almost always the most cost effective compared to traditional landscape practices of the past.  How do we meet these goals?  Check out our designs and services page.

We were in the San Francisco Flower and Garden Show 2013 – check out our display here.

Specializing in Custom Garden Designs and Unique Features



Herb sprials

Herb Spirals

Dry Creeks

Dry Creeks

Redwood Furniture

Redwood Furniture

Native Walkways



Wood Carvings

Doggie Deck

Pet Friendly

Art Features

Permeable Hardscape
Urban Patios
Graywater Systems
Rain Gardens
Play Structures
… and More!

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